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Business/Operations & Finance


Pam Brazzell, Operations & Finance Director

731-642-9322 Ext. 4

The Finance & Operations Manager:

  • Works closely with the Director of Schools on all aspects of fiscal services including budget development, research and planning, accounting, payroll, cash management, inventory control, financial reporting, purchasing, bookkeeping, interlocal and other contract agreements, real estate, insurance risk management, helps oversee all elements of administrative support services, which may include transportation, building operations, maintenance and grounds, food and nutrition services, records management, utilities, building and property security.
  • Is responsible for monitoring budget allocations, expenditures, fund balances and related financial activities for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, revenues are recorded, expenses are within budget.
  • Analyzes a variety of financial information (e.g., revenues, expenditures, cash management, cost projections, real estate, insurance, etc.) for the purpose of providing direction and support, making recommendations, maximizing use of funds, and/or ensuring overall operations are within budget and developing accounting procedures for the district. 
  • Presents monthly reports to the Board on the financial condition of the district.
  •  Prepares financial reports required by local, state, and federal agencies having jurisdiction over public funds: (a) Board (b) State agencies (c) Federal agencies
  • Supervises a system for collection, investment, and distribution of district monies.
  • Supervises the accounts payable process and procedures for the district.
  • Supervises the record keeping system for payroll services and accounting services.
  • Arranges for the internal, independent auditing of the district and school accounts