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RTI, Licensure, & Evaluation

Sandra Paschall, Supervisor of Literacy, Evaluations, & RTI

731-642-8131 Ext. 4206 

Professional Duties & Responsibilities:

RTI/Reading Specialist

  • Provide leadership and support for administration and staff to ensure that appropriate and effective intervention curriculum and instructional practices are in place across the district. Fidelity Monitor and review progress monitor reports.
  • Work with administration and teachers to make data-based instructional decisions regarding student placement… assuring that students are receiving appropriate instruction in identified skill-deficit areas.
  • Provide support for Tier 1 Literacy instruction and Professional Development as needed.

Licensure - Assist Certified Staff and Administrators Regarding:

  • new, renew, advance teacher license’s
  • Professional Development Points (PDP) needed for renewing and advancing teacher license
  • Tennessee Academy School Leaders (TASL) – Instructional Leadership Licensure (Aspiring-ILL-A, Beginning-ILL-B, and Professional-ILL-P)

TIGER/Evaluation Specialist

  • Support/coach/train admin and staff- TIGER/TEAM
  • TASL Configurator
  • TN Compass support

Stage 1 Coaching